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Helpful Resources

In addition to providing support services, we offer a list of resources on a variety of relevant topics. From educational articles to media content, our resources section updates frequently, so check back regularly to find the information you need. If you don't see what you are looking for here, send us a message, we will do whatever we can to help you find what you need.

Eating Out

Understanding Your Emotions

At Brave Bay Area, we believe in the power of emotional intelligence. Our mentoring programming helps individuals develop self-awareness and learn to manage their emotions in a healthy way. We teach our participants that emotions are not good or bad, but rather a natural response to the world around us. By understanding the messages our emotions are sending us, and seeing them as indicators and not dictators, we can make better decisions and improve our overall mental and emotional health.

Asian Teens

The Importance of Human Connection

 Part of making a connection is reaching out to others even when we don't know their story. Empathy is needed in our human connections.

More Resources

The Dougy Center For Grief Resources - 

Family Justice Center - Services and programs

4 Our Families - Social Services Rapid Response

CoCo Kids - Help with Childcare

La Clinica - Low cost Medical

Hope Solutions - Cost Effective Housing

A.R.M. of Care -  Modalities for Healing Trauma

Options Health -

The Food Bank - Weekly food service locations

Foster The City - Foster Care Community

Monument Crisis Center - 925-825-7751

STAND - 888-215-5555

A3 Crisis Response - A3 Crisis Response | Contra Costa Health (

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