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Get to Know Us

BRAVE BAY AREA is a Chapter of Brave Global

and  in local partnership with Turntable Housing.

BRAVE BAY AREA is a transformative mentoring program designed to enrich and empower the lives of young people in need. At the core of our mission is the belief that every person deserves support, connection, and healing. We offer wellness connection groups and mentor programming that is specifically designed to meet the needs of youth who may be struggling with emotional or mental challenges due to trauma, exploitation, or adverse experiences. Our mentors are passionate about helping every individual thrive and reach their full potential.   We have helped many individuals as they navigate through difficult times. We create communities where people can find the support they need through the power of connection.

We would love to get you connected!

Eating Out

“You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today”

Abraham Lincoln


Make a Contribution

It wouldn’t be possible for us to provide our support services if it weren’t for our generous benefactors. Help keep us running at our best and highest capacity by donating today. There are many different contribution options available and we appreciate any and all support.  Email us at for more information on ways to give.

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